10 February Announcement Worldwide

It is announced that Linz in Austria are hosting No Music Day 2009 as part of the city's Horstadt (Acoustic City) initative. Linz is also the European Capital of Culture for 2009.

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15 September Photographic and performance The Danube, Linz, Austria

Photographic and performance event to promote No Music Day in Linz on the 21 November 2009. 

Photograph taken by Tracey Moberly.

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14/11/09 - 21/11/09 Promotion McDonald's Restraunts in Upper Austria

100,000 disposable mats used on the trays in McDonald's restraunts in Upper Austria carried information pertaining to No Music Day 2009.

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18 November 10:00 Press Conference Solaris Bar, OK-Offenes Kulturhaus

For further information regarding this press conference given by Bill Drummond please contact Pia Leydolt for German language media, or Maija Handover for rest of world media.

Room before press conference.

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18 November 15:00 Press Conference Rhiz, Guertelbogen 37 & 38, 1080 Vienna, Austria

For further information regarding this press conference given by Bill Drummond please contact Pia Leydolt for German language media, or Maija Handover for rest of world media.

Room before press conference.

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19 November 19:00 Public Discussion Wissensturm (Knowledge Tower), Kärntner Straße 22, 4020 Linz

Public discussion between Austrian musician & writer Rainer Krispel and Bill Drummond.

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20 November 20:00 Live DJ-Set OK-Offenes Kulturhaus

Live DJ-Set with DJ DSL (Hamburg/Vienna) at Solaris Bar

21 November Welcoming OK-Offenes Kulturhaus.

At the stroke of Midnight as DSL's set ended, Bill Drummond welcomed in No Music Day 2009.

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21 November Observance Linz, Austria

Linz is the capital of the Austrian state of Upper Austria.

The following are a cross section of the institutions and businesses in Linz and Upper Austria that, in their various ways, are observing No Music Day 2009:

Church: The Jesuit parish of the Old Cathedral Saint Ignatius will celebrate all masses on No Music Day without organ, choir or any congregational singing whatsoever;

Radio: Upper Austria's  Radio FRO will resist from playing any music for the 24 hours.

Supermarkets: Throughout Upper Austria the 122 branches of the SPAR and 140 branches of the Maximarkt will not be playing piped music.

Schools: The Upper Austrian Music School will be closed. The students will spend the day discussing the future of music.

Shops: The majority of shops along Linz' central shopping mile Landstrasse will not run their instore radio stations or soundsystems, including for example the Diesel flagship store.

Cinema: Moviemento Cinema will be screening films that use no musical soundtrack - further details below.

Venues: The city's culture institutions, concert halls and music spots will host no concerts, gigs or DJs. These venues include the Brucknerhaus, Posthof, Ars Electronica Center (featuring No Music Day on its huge glass front to the city and the Danube), Café Strom, Grand Hotel Café Zum Rothen Krebsen, the OK - Offenes Kulturhaus and the Solaris Bar (playing a central role on No Music Day 2009).

The words NO MUSIC DAY revolving around the outside of the ARS Electronica building.

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21 November Soup Making Solaris, OK–Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz

At 6pm Bill Drummond began to make soup in the Solaris Bar. The soup was ready by 8pm. As long as supplies lasted, it was free to all those that turned up and answered one of his questions. This is a Soup Lines International project.

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21 November Screening Moviemento Cinema, Linz

At 6pm Moviemento Cinema screened the first of the evening's two films without music. The first film was "Ten Skies" (James Benning / USA / 2004).

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21 November Screening Moviemento Cinema, Linz

At 8pm Moviemento Cinema screened the second of the evening's two films without music. The second film was "13 Lakes" (James Benning / USA / 2004)

Projection on the outside of cinema.

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21 November Performance/Lecture Solaris Bar, OK-Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz

At 10.30pm, Bill Drummond gave a talk about the hows & whys he imagined No Music Day in the first place; the successes and failures of the No Music Day between 2005 and 2009; and what could become of No Music Day in the future.

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21 November Performance by Sprechbohrer Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Leonhard-Tietz-Str. 6 50676 Köln/Cologne, Deutscland/Germany

This was a performance by Sprechbohrer (Talking Drills). The performance was sandwiched by performances by Sprechbohrer on both the 20 & 22 November in the same venue. The performance on the 20th began at 23:00 and ended at 23:59 and on the 22nd it began at 00:00 and ended at 01:00. The performance included recitals of the following works by the following composers:

   Georg Sachse: in dubio 1 (2009 UA)
   Peter Behrendsen: Atem des Windes
   Sigrid Sachse: ZU-VO-EL
   Harald Muenz: de(ux)ChiffrAge
   Stefan Streich: Nr. 1 aus 15 Gesänge
   John Cage: 4'33

The programme on the 20th was constructed to constitute one single decrescendo from "music" via speech-only pieces until reaching Cage's 4'33. This last (and iconic) piece acting as a bridge to the 24 hours of No Music Day.  At 00:00 on the 22nd, the same works were performed again but in the reverse order starting with the hush of 4'33 building up through the speech-only pieces to the crescendo of the "music" pieces at the end. Thus leading the audience and performers back to the world of noise and music. 

Kunst-Station St. Peter, as well as being a venue for art and contemporary music, is an active Catholic Church. The mass taking place on No Music Day was celebrated without the use of music.

For further information visit this site


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21 November 13:00 Radio Broadcast The Waiting Room on Radio WOXY www.woxy.com

The Waiting Room (TWR) is a UK-based new music radio programme broadcast on US-based radio station WOXY. Instead of the usual two hour playlist of new releases they had a number of guests in the studio discussing the topics that arise from No Music Day.

The Waiting Room broadcast times are:

Saturday - 1pm GMT / 8am ET

Repeated Sunday - 9pm GMT / 4pm ET

Podcast Monday - 1pm GMT / 8am ET



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21 November 15:00 Event Sound of Mu, Markveien 58, Oslo, Norway/Norge

The Sound of Mu opened at 3pm and stayed open until the early hours of the 22nd. Visit their web site to learn more.

Visual documentation of one of the events.

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21 November 19:00 Birthday Halifax, Yorkshire, England

Yet again the singing of Happy Birthday were stopped at the birthday celebrations of Toby Dyter.

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21 November 20:00 Performance Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland, Oregon hosted No Music Day.

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22 November Live DJ-Set Solaris Bar, OK-Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz

At the stroke of midnight DJ Michael Fakesch (Funkstörung/K7) ended No Music Day 2009 and welcomed in the festivities of Saint Cecilia's Day. 

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music. In many countries the 22nd of November is the day chosen to give thanks for and to celebrate the existence of music.

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